Welcome to TubeTown – Six Seasons and a Movie

“Six seasons and a movie!”  It’s the rally call of the Human Beings – fans of the NBC show “Community.”  The show’s recent cancellation has not silenced the cries in the least.  Fans still hold out hope that Sony Pictures will find another network Greendale can call home.

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“Welcome to Tubetown” is my weekly column over at filmtakeout.com.  Please check out the site for great writers, great reviews, and other entertainment columns.

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Welcome to TubeTown – An Open Letter to How I Met Your Mother

Dear How I Met Your Mother,

First of all, let me say that I’m a huge fan. You were one of the few shows that I was really into where I watched from the Pilot all the way through to the Finale without getting bored. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy, but I’m actually kind of lost on Monday nights now without you. That’s something I can’t even say about The X-Files. It’s one of my favorite shows, but I lost interest around Season 8, and I haven’t even seen all of Season 9, but I digress.”

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“Welcome to Tubetown” is my weekly column over at filmtakeout.com.  Please check out the site for great writers, great reviews, and other entertainment columns.

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Welcome to Tubetown – We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands

“As the weather gets warmer, and the trees finally start turning green, one thought goes through the minds of many Americans: It’s season finale time.  For some shows it means a shocking cliffhanger.  For others, it’s just a well needed break.  Then their are those shows who fought tooth and nail, just to see that spring’s beginning means their end.  Many times, it’s not only the show’s cast and crew that take issue with that outcome.”

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“Welcome to Tubetown” is my weekly column over at filmtakeout.com.  Please check out the site for great writers, great reviews, and other entertainment columns.

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2014 Chicago Auto Show

I was lucky enough to get to visit the Chicago Auto Show on the Press Days.  Let me say, I am spoiled now!!! 🙂  For those who missed the auto show, or would like a different take on it, check this out.

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Uh, Oh. It’s 2013!

I’m getting married THIS YEAR!

It’s really cool to say that, but I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet.  I had been thinking once I realized that I’m living in the same year I’m getting married, I’d freak out.  Not yet.

Maybe it’s because it’s still so far away.  I mean, it’s over 10 months.  A season of work will have come and gone in that amount of time.  Someone could get pregnant and have a full grown baby gestate and be born before I’m getting married.  That’s more time than a a normal school year, and we all know how long those feel!

Maybe it’s because the big stuff has been figured out.  We’ve had the date set for awhile, and both the church and reception hall have been booked.  We have a theme, and we’ve been working on decorations to fit the theme, but that’s more like fun anyway.  Also, I have my dress.  That’s one of the biggest parts of wedding preparation, and that’s taken care of already.  The videographers and photographers are booked, and I’ve got leads on some DJs.  There’s more to do, but some of those things can wait.  We have the food and the dress.  That’s really all I need!

Maybe I’m just more calm of a human being than I’ve previously thought.  Yeah, like that’s a possibility.

Freak out or not, now that the holidays are over, I have to get back into wedding mode.  I’m trying to get as much done before I have to start working again.  I’m slightly afraid that since I’m not feeling any anxiousness about the wedding on the horizon, that I’m going to put things off and then have to rush at the end.  I know I have people that won’t let that happen, but that always worries me.

Hey, look!  I’m slightly freaking about something!  That seems like a good step!

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Snowpocalypse ’11

It’s the big one, Elizabeth!

And well, everybody else.  A huge snow storm covering not just a city, or a state, but approximately two dozen of our nation’s fifty-nifty.  A friend of mine in Massachusetts has  already received three feet, and is expecting probably about two more.

Here in Chicago, people are going crazy – the thunder, the lightning, the 7+ hours stuck in traffic trying to get home.  And lets not forget THE WIND!  I can barely get my door open at times to let Moe out.

And we all know if Moe can’t get out, we can’t properly assess the snow accumulation.

So I give you the Moe-cast.  It will be updated occasionally through this Snowmageddon, so please check back, randomly.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – 5pm

The Moe-cast begins.  The wind is not bad, and it sounds like things are worse in the city.  It’s been snowing on and off, but lightly.

Moe's seen worse.



Moe would say it’s about 2 inches or so of new stuff.

It just covers his paws.





Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – 11:45pm

Moe has gone outside once before, but the wind was so bad, he had to go out alone.  There has been thunder and lightning, and possibly a hurricane, but that last one is just speculation.

This stuff's kinda distracting.



The snow reaches up to Moe’s doggie elbows and knees.

He’s guessing there’s about 6-7 inches in his way.

This makes going to the bathroom a little difficult, but not impossible.



It's in my eyes!




The wind has definitely picked up, and has made it hard to open the door at times.

Moe still likes being outside, though not by himself.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – 7:30AM

The snowstorm is still going on, though it has lessened quite a bit.  Though it doesn’t look like we got hit that bad, Moe has heard stories about cars being abandoned and snow plows not being able to get through from Lake Shore Drive to Antioch.  Though he loves a ride in the car, right now, he’s really glad he can’t drive.

My backyard?




Moe looks upon what used to be his back yard.  There are parts that look like the can easily cover his head.  He gives up and goes back to sleep.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – 12:30PM

The big bad snowstorm is over.  There are still some flurries and some wind, but the doors can open, and people can exist – once they can dig their cars out of their cold tombs.

Not too bad...



Moe checks out the different parts of the yard.  The wind has made the surroundings uneven, which in some cases, makes things easier.




Yep, I think the table is still around...



In other cases, the snow has shown no mercy.  That table in the back is buried under at least three feet of snow.

Moe  had no plans for that table, so it doesn’t bother him.


I can still see!



For the most part, the snow is up to Moe’s ears – approximately two and a half feet!  Thankfully for him, the nice neighbor has made a path in the backyard, so Moe is free to travel about without sinking.


I can do it, I can do it nine times!



In the front yard by the bush, it accumulated about a foot less.

Moe can play in that.



This is scary for maybe a puppy!




Again in the front yard, Moe thinks shoveling is for pussy – cats.

A real dog can travel in this mess, no problem.


No, sir...I don't mind it.



Surveying the yard around him, Moe doesn’t understand what the big deal was.

If the snow ever reaches the top of his head, THEN he’ll have a problem.

(But he does appreciate clear paths to the potty, so carry on.)



Moe survived Snowpocalypse ’11!  Did you?

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British Television

I think I like it.

Yeah, I’m probably more surprised than you to type those words, but I it’s really be growing on me.  I actually even extended my cable package to get the British British Channel (BBC).  (It wasn’t just for that, but that was one of the deciding factors.  You have to like a channel that advertises “The X-Files” as the best of American Sci-Fi.)

I used to publicly denounce TV from the UK.  It had its rare gems.  I considered “Monty Python” brilliant since my 6th grade social studies teacher used it as a teacher’s aide.  It also gave us the chance to see John Krasinski warm hearts in the American version of, “The Office.”  Then again, it has given us 2,028 seasons of, “American Idol” so maybe it’s a toss up.

My buddy, Jon, loves BritComs, and has done everything in his power to make me sit down and watch them.  I, on the other hand, have had to fake the bubonic plague numerous times in order to get out of it.  I will say, I did quite enjoy “The Vicar of Dibley,” but couldn’t sit still for an AbFab marathon.

Those saucy Brits though, they found my weak spot.  Someone must have told them about my love of watching back to back episodes at my leisure.  They must have found out that my family finally got the digical cable. (…as my grandma would say)  A trap was set for me and they bated it with science fiction – British science fiction.

And I fell in love.

The episodes seem more story based, and less relying on special effects.  Some things may have looked hokey, but there was heart in the cheese.  One show lead to another.  Then I spread out to plain dramas – even comedy.

I’m not praising everything the UK has to offer.  I still shiver at the thought of watching most things labeled “BritComs”, but I’m learning, becoming more tolerant, and enjoying this new-found source of entertainment.

I’d watch out though…I might feel the urge to break back out that English accent I thought was so spot on when I was 15.  I’m sure it’s still great 🙂

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