Snowpocalypse ’11

It’s the big one, Elizabeth!

And well, everybody else.  A huge snow storm covering not just a city, or a state, but approximately two dozen of our nation’s fifty-nifty.  A friend of mine in Massachusetts has  already received three feet, and is expecting probably about two more.

Here in Chicago, people are going crazy – the thunder, the lightning, the 7+ hours stuck in traffic trying to get home.  And lets not forget THE WIND!  I can barely get my door open at times to let Moe out.

And we all know if Moe can’t get out, we can’t properly assess the snow accumulation.

So I give you the Moe-cast.  It will be updated occasionally through this Snowmageddon, so please check back, randomly.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – 5pm

The Moe-cast begins.  The wind is not bad, and it sounds like things are worse in the city.  It’s been snowing on and off, but lightly.

Moe's seen worse.



Moe would say it’s about 2 inches or so of new stuff.

It just covers his paws.





Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – 11:45pm

Moe has gone outside once before, but the wind was so bad, he had to go out alone.  There has been thunder and lightning, and possibly a hurricane, but that last one is just speculation.

This stuff's kinda distracting.



The snow reaches up to Moe’s doggie elbows and knees.

He’s guessing there’s about 6-7 inches in his way.

This makes going to the bathroom a little difficult, but not impossible.



It's in my eyes!




The wind has definitely picked up, and has made it hard to open the door at times.

Moe still likes being outside, though not by himself.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – 7:30AM

The snowstorm is still going on, though it has lessened quite a bit.  Though it doesn’t look like we got hit that bad, Moe has heard stories about cars being abandoned and snow plows not being able to get through from Lake Shore Drive to Antioch.  Though he loves a ride in the car, right now, he’s really glad he can’t drive.

My backyard?




Moe looks upon what used to be his back yard.  There are parts that look like the can easily cover his head.  He gives up and goes back to sleep.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – 12:30PM

The big bad snowstorm is over.  There are still some flurries and some wind, but the doors can open, and people can exist – once they can dig their cars out of their cold tombs.

Not too bad...



Moe checks out the different parts of the yard.  The wind has made the surroundings uneven, which in some cases, makes things easier.




Yep, I think the table is still around...



In other cases, the snow has shown no mercy.  That table in the back is buried under at least three feet of snow.

Moe  had no plans for that table, so it doesn’t bother him.


I can still see!



For the most part, the snow is up to Moe’s ears – approximately two and a half feet!  Thankfully for him, the nice neighbor has made a path in the backyard, so Moe is free to travel about without sinking.


I can do it, I can do it nine times!



In the front yard by the bush, it accumulated about a foot less.

Moe can play in that.



This is scary for maybe a puppy!




Again in the front yard, Moe thinks shoveling is for pussy – cats.

A real dog can travel in this mess, no problem.


No, sir...I don't mind it.



Surveying the yard around him, Moe doesn’t understand what the big deal was.

If the snow ever reaches the top of his head, THEN he’ll have a problem.

(But he does appreciate clear paths to the potty, so carry on.)



Moe survived Snowpocalypse ’11!  Did you?


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