Uh, Oh. It’s 2013!

I’m getting married THIS YEAR!

It’s really cool to say that, but I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet.  I had been thinking once I realized that I’m living in the same year I’m getting married, I’d freak out.  Not yet.

Maybe it’s because it’s still so far away.  I mean, it’s over 10 months.  A season of work will have come and gone in that amount of time.  Someone could get pregnant and have a full grown baby gestate and be born before I’m getting married.  That’s more time than a a normal school year, and we all know how long those feel!

Maybe it’s because the big stuff has been figured out.  We’ve had the date set for awhile, and both the church and reception hall have been booked.  We have a theme, and we’ve been working on decorations to fit the theme, but that’s more like fun anyway.  Also, I have my dress.  That’s one of the biggest parts of wedding preparation, and that’s taken care of already.  The videographers and photographers are booked, and I’ve got leads on some DJs.  There’s more to do, but some of those things can wait.  We have the food and the dress.  That’s really all I need!

Maybe I’m just more calm of a human being than I’ve previously thought.  Yeah, like that’s a possibility.

Freak out or not, now that the holidays are over, I have to get back into wedding mode.  I’m trying to get as much done before I have to start working again.  I’m slightly afraid that since I’m not feeling any anxiousness about the wedding on the horizon, that I’m going to put things off and then have to rush at the end.  I know I have people that won’t let that happen, but that always worries me.

Hey, look!  I’m slightly freaking about something!  That seems like a good step!


About casualtiesoflife

I'm an editor, writer, and all around creative person. Oh, also, I'm awesome.
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