About Me

Stefanie Marie Foresta


Stefanie is a professional video editor working in sports and entertainment.  She also currently writes movie and TV reviews over at Film TakeOut and has a weekly column called Welcome to Tubetown.



Age: Older than I was a second ago

Height: 5’4

Residence: Castle

Favorite Colors: Purple and Orange

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Pirate: Capt. Jack Sparrow

Temperature: Normal

Batting Average: 3

Marital Status: Yup

Occupation: Video Editor

Gravity: Seems to be working as normal

Awesomeness: Breaking through the roof, as usual

So what is really going on here?

Well, basically I’m trying out yet another outlet for my writing. Yes, I’m a writer, and what that really means is I don’t currently have a paying job, so I sit at home and make things up, hoping someone will pay me in the future. My hopes for this site is that it hit really big and important people with money start throwing it at me. More realistically, it’s a way to keep me going, and hopefully to get more people reading my junk. Oh, and thanks for that.

What is The Casualties of Life?

It’s a webpage subsidiary of Casualties of Life Productions, which is my production company. I figure the more things I can do, the better my chances are of not starving. Which also, hopefully in the sometime future this will be a branch off of some amazing site with flashy things and jumpy out stuff and clips of my videos and such. Oh, yeah, and I’m not proud either, so if you’re having a wedding, bar mitzvah, public stoning, etc and you want it taped, look no further. But I don’t do windows…well, yeah I do, just not very well.
Thanks for caring, and hopefully this will be more entertaining soon – but I doubt it.


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