Being Sick

Being sick SUCKS.

But what’s questionably worse? – Not quite being sick.

When you’re sick, you can lay in bed and let the medicine do what it needs to do.  You can sleep through the day.  People will say nice things to you and maybe bring you food.  Then you get better.

When you’re not quite sick, you’re miserable, but not enough.  You’re still expected to go to work or school or make some significant contribution to the day.  You actually start wishing to be sick, just so you can get the whole thing over with.

Then…it finally happens.

You get to call in.  You get to stay in bed all day, and get pampered and watch the Law and Order: SVU marathon that is invariably on.  You get to be medicated and you get to SLEEP.  And then you feel better.  (You feel a little less better when you realize you have to go to work, or school, or make some significant contribution the next day.  But it’s not enough to keep you in bed.)

So yes.  I would rather be sick than not quite sick, especially if there’s something really good on TV.

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Of course this is how it goes…

I’m actually ready and willing to give this thing a go, but I get sick.

I’m sure I could technically write things, I mean I’m doing it right now, but I don’t think they would be up to par.  I mean it’s taken me like 5 minutes to complete this sentence.

So I’m going to get better, and I’m going to flood you with completely unimportant things…just you wait.

Happy New Year Mother BuyYourTicketsHere!

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Hello world!

Okay, let’s try this again!

If you’re still around, I thank you.  As you know, I can’t promise you anything when it comes to the frequency of my writing, but  now that I’ve incorporated the blog style into my website, I’m hoping that this will speed things along.

I hope to relocate the entire site here, but for the time being, you can find all of the old pages in the links section.  Nothing I do will be lost forever!  My ego can’t handle that.

So what I’m planning on doing, for the time being, is not writing anything of consequence.  I just need to get back into the swing of things.  So I’m going to write.  I’m going to write about whatever I want.

My first group of postings will just be about things.  I’ll pick a subject, and I’ll tell you my feelings on them, and any ideas or thoughts I have regarding them.  Not too high tech, possibly not to intense, but definitely amusing.

Any suggestions for my first real post?  (or really any posts after that?  Come on, guys, I’m treading water here…)

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